2.2: Taking Precision Health from Lab to Life – Tearing down silos 20th June 2024

As scientists, we recognize the inherent complexities of biological systems and the limitations of working within isolated domains. By tearing down these and other silos, we unlock the full potential of our collective expertise and resources, enabling us to tackle complex health challenges with greater efficacy. Through collaboration across diverse disciplines, from genomics and bioinformatics to clinical medicine and public health, we can integrate multifaceted data streams, develop more robust models, and ultimately deliver personalized healthcare solutions that resonate with individuals and communities. Together, let us embrace a culture of openness, exchange ideas freely, and work collaboratively to propel precision health from the confines of the laboratory into the lives of those who stand to benefit most.

  1. Overview of EU Funded Projects or Initiatives. A brief overview of EU-funded projects relevant to precision health and its key focus areas, objectives, and stages in the patient’s health journey.
  2. Identifying Common Challenges and Opportunities – Building Bridges. Common challenges faced by EU-funded projects in precision health and potential opportunities for collaboration and synergy among projects.
  3. Sharing Best Practices and Lessons Learned – Tearing Down Silos. Presentations or case studies from select projects that highlight successful strategies, methodologies, and lessons learned.