Final EDITH Meeting 15th-16th of July 2024.

Last December, the European Commission officially launched the Virtual Human Twin as its next flagship program. The Virtual Human Twin is a program- that aims to bring together all stakeholders (academia, industry, clinicians) in a collaborative environment facilitating the development, credibility assessment and use of digital twins in healthcare. It includes, amongst others, a vision, dedicated project funding and the development of a research infrastructure (currently under tender) that will fill a gap in the life sciences research infrastructure landscape in Europe.

The EDITH-CSA project has been tasked to bring together the VHT ecosystem and guide the joint creation of the Virtual Human Twin roadmap, laying out the path towards the realisation of the VHT’s ambitions. After many months of work by many people throughout the entire ecosystem, we are nearing the end of the roadmapping process. A first version of the roadmap draft is open for public comments (here). On 15 and 16th of July 2024, we have our final ecosystem meeting in Amsterdam to discuss a range of subjects related to the VHT, going from clinical and patient uptake, over policy, ethics, social issues, regulatory elements and complementarity with the existing national and EU research infrastructures. Confirmed keynotes include colleagues from FDA and clinical champions. There will be a demonstration of the proof of concept EDITH infrastructure and various interactive sessions (break-outs & plenary) to facilitate the consensus process on the roadmap and its recommendations. 

It is a free on-site meeting (including dinner and networking opportunities) and reimbursement of travel and accommodation is available for a limited number of participants. If you are interested in learning more about EDITH but cannot attend, please check out our website and leave your contact details to receive monthly updates.