TranSYS Final Conference – Bridging Research to Patient Management and Care for a Healthier Tomorrow – 19th -20th June 2024 Belgrade

Dear TranSYS supporters, Colleagues and Friends,

As we gear up for the closing event of the European Training Network TranSYS on Personalized Medicine, from June 19-20, 2024, in Belgrade, Serbia, I am excited to extend a warm invitation to you. This gathering promises to assemble key stakeholders to delve into pivotal discussions.

Sessions will feature esteemed representatives from EU-funded projects or institutes, converging to deliberate on the landscape and regional needs pertaining to “”from bench to patient management and care “ and “from bench to implementation for a more precise medicine and health – building bridges, tearing down silos.” Hence, we envisage an engaging discourse that draws insights from diverse perspectives, including industry leaders and patient advocacy groups, fostering interaction with the audience comprising representatives from various stakeholders. This dynamic exchange will be further enriched by scientific presentations from data scientists and bioinformaticians, adding depth and breadth to the discussion. Together, we aim to explore innovative strategies and collaborative approaches aimed at surmounting barriers and accelerating the translation of precision medicine from theory to tangible impact.

In an exciting collaboration, the TranSYS event has been seamlessly integrated into the prestigious Belgrade Bioinformatics Conference (BelBi), hosted by the Serbian Bioinformatics Society (BirBi). BelBi, renowned as an international nexus for top experts, serves as the beacon of the Bioeconomy Hub in Europe, BIO4 Campus, nestled in the heart of Belgrade.

On behalf of the entire BelBi organization and the TranSYS management team, I extend a cordial invitation for you or your representative to join us in Belgrade!

Warm regards, Kristel Van Steen (coordinator of TranSYS)

Wednesday 19th June 2024

Day 1: From Research to Patient Management & Care

The Marie Sklodowska-Curie Training Network, TranSYS, is pleased to present a blend of scientific presentations and an interactive discussion forum centered on “Exploring Opportunities and Challenges for Advancing Precision in Medicine and Healthcare” Our focus is on investigating the extensive array of opportunities and obstacles that define the realm of precision medicine and healthcare. We will highlight perspectives from industry thought leaders, data repositories, and representatives of patient advocacy groups, providing a comprehensive spectrum of insights into systems biology, systems health, and digital health.

Thursday 20th June 2024

Day 2: Building bridges and tearing down silos

Imagine the vast landscape of independently funded EU projects and initiatives, each with its own objectives and ambitions. Yet, amidst this diversity, there is often a common thread of shared goals and aims. It is an enormous undertaking to bridge these initiatives and to break down the silos that often inhibit collaboration. But it is a challenge worth taking on. How do we effectively merge these efforts, especially when they align so closely? This is where the synergy of minds comes into play. We’re calling upon dissemination and implementation scientists to join forces with us. Through a dynamic panel discussion and scientific pitches, our aim is to unravel the complexities, and pinpoint the critical needs and untapped opportunities that lie within. TranSYS’ future mission? To propel learning health systems forward, to accelerate the implementation of groundbreaking research in precision medicine and health. This isn’t just about talk; it’s about action. We invite you to be a part of this journey as we navigate towards cohesive collaboration and tangible progress in precision health. Together, let’s carve a path towards impactful change.

Panel members for each session 19th – 20th June (upon availability). Session speakers automatically belong to that session’s panel

Denis Horgan (Moderator, EUAPM –

Kristel Van Steen (TranSYS coordinator, BIO3, Belgium),

Vitor dos Santos (TranSYS beneficiary, Biomanufacturing and digital twins),

Martijn Ludwig (TranSYS partner organization, consulting – technology),

Michael Rossbach (TranSYS EAB, Science-Business Professional, Entrepreneur, Investor),

Andrew Bottomley (TranSYS EAB, Clinical Trials Consultant | Improving Patient Quality of Life),

Hanna Boëthius (patient advocacy),

Goran Jovanovic (BIO4, Serbia),

John Penders (EMC microbiomes, Maastricht),

Fabio Stella (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, AI, Italy)

Ritchie Head (TranSYS manager)