Anneloes Bork


I have an interdisciplinary background, with a bachelor in Chemistry and a Master’s degree in Philosophy, bioethics and health, VU Amsterdam. Early in my academic career I developed an interest in molecular biology, especially human genetics, and worked in different genetic labs. Although I find the scientific progress in the field of genetics inspiring and interesting, I discovered that I my own interest is more towards the ethical questions surrounding this innovation. This made me decide to pursue my Master’s degree in philosophy after working in a laboratory for almost 7 years. My master thesis focused on reporting incidental/secondary findings in whole genome cancer research. I investigated how (personal) autonomy is conceptualized and how this conceptualization influences policies and guidelines that are (if they actually are) in place. With my unique background I am confident that I can bridge the world of the genetic researcher and the ethicist.

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Supervisor: Prof. Dr Kris Dierickx


Secondment 1: In-depth understanding of ethics of translational medical research

Secondment 2: Obtain an ethics perspective on animal studies – a good guide to clinical trials

ESR4 Project

Developing a precision medicine ethics, between personal empowerment and collective responsibility

Proponents offer four ways in which their approach to medical diagnosis and health care improves upon current practices, arguing that it is more ‘personalised’, ‘predictive’, ‘preventive’ and ‘participatory’ than the medical status quo. This evolution in the direction of PM however implies ethical issues that differ from those in traditional clinical practice and research.

In a care situation, physician increasingly rely on genetic data from patients. This data is interpreted in relation to other genetic profiles. Therefore, genetic information can be uploaded on a platform to compare variants with genetic information from other patients. Uploading, and thus sharing, data is done with the intention to provide care, however, researchers can also have access to this data. This raises different questions because of the overlap of clinical care and research. The purpose of my research project is understanding the ethical challenges when patient data is shared initially for the purpose of clinical care, but can (later) be used for research purpose.


Scientific Interests

My general research interest is ethics of human genetic, and more specifically about patient autonomy and social justice in data sharing.

General Interests

I am quite an active person when I want to be. I love horse back riding and spending time at the horse stables, besides that, I enjoy doing different team sports. During Covid-19 times I started playing beach volleyball and I have been told I can get quite competitive! During holidays, you can find me in a tent.