TranSYS ESR Flash Showcases

ESR 1 Federico Melograna

Development of individual-specific molecular networks


ESR 2 Zuqi Li 

Project: Subtyping individuals with multi-view data in the context of confounders.



ESR 5 Andrew Walakira

Personalized molecular signatures for modulating progression of metabolism associated liver disease (MAFLD) to hepatocellular carcinoma


ESR 7 Catalina Berca

Personalized approaches to modulate tumor behavior using Vitamin D3



ESR 9 Katarina Mihajlovic

Patient-centric data integration framework for highly dimensional data



ESR12 Maryna Korshevniuk

Multi-omics analysis to delineate drug-response pathways



ESR 13 Anastasiia Hryhorzhevska

Molecular processes of stress-related effects on psychiatric diseases at multi-omic resolution