ESR 10 – KU Leuven Belgium

Development of Clinical Blockchain Network

Host: KU Leuven(UK)

PhD awarding institution: KU LEUVEN (Leuven University)

Lead Supervisor: K Van Steen

Objectives: This project will look into clinical aspects of using genome data linked to clinical decision making processes such as SnoMed and HL7, and build ways for third parties to control and own their data and allow access to it using a Token system. The steps involved include: (1) developing the project protocol and documentation along with identifying 30 patients in the UK and 70 patients in Nigeria for Point-of-Care sequencing, (2) developing the necessary regulatory frameworks and finalizing all compliance and ethical submissions, following feasibility analyses, (3) collecting, processing and analysing samples from enrolled multi-generational patients with Sickle Cell Disease, (4) closely working together with medical professionals, pharma and biotech companies to present the value proposition of the product and encourage its wide-spread use, (5) use results as guidance for conducting economic impact analysis of treatment decisions.