Graphical design for scientific figures and pipelines

Behnam Yousefi


Systems Biology Group, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France,

Sorbonne Université, École Doctorale Complexité du vivant, Paris, France.



Properly illustrating the scientific methods and pipelines is considered as a critical aspect of any research project since it can help convey the message in a more appropriate way and prevent misunderstanding. In this presentation, our main aim would be to bring about ideas on how to efficiently use PowerPoint to sketch our scientific figures and pipelines with a focus on methods based on computational biology and machine learning. This can boost the quality of illustrations for live presentation and publications.

Key references:

Wayne Yu, Wei-Chieh. Advanced PowerPoint: More Than Presentations!. United States: Page Publishing, Incorporated, 2018.

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I hold a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master in Biomedical Engineering. During my B.S. I gained experience in engineering, and I developed a particular interest in using engineering methods for the better understanding of living systems. As a result, I continued my education to obtain my M.S. in Biomedical Engineering at Iran University of Science and Technology. Currently, I am a PhD student at Institut Pasteur, Paris, and I do research in the field of network-based machines and its applications for biomedicine.

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