Thursday 25th November 2021  13.30-14.30 CET

Johan Dreo

Senior Research Engineer

Institut Pasteur,  Paris



Practical Tools for Improving Reproducibility (of Bioinformatics)


Experimental studies are prevalent in Bioinformaticsc, as many fields, even within computer science.

While reproducibility is crucial for science, it is difficult.

This presentation introduces a curated list of tools that can help improving reproducibility for experimental computer science.”


Johann Dreo is a Senior Research Engineer in Artificial Intelligence Algorithmics at the Systems Biology group of the Computational Biology department of Institut Pasteur (Université de Paris). His scientific interests are in decision aid, optimization, search heuristics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithm design and engineering. He obtained his MSc in biology and PhD on bio-inspired algorithmics. He has more than 20 years of expertise of applying randomized optimization heuristics in practice, across various industrial applications. He published seminal works on automated algorithm design and award-winning heuristic solvers.


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