TranSYS Training School 23rd November 09.00

Jan Buermans

Trainer/coach/keynote speaker @ Expert Academy

Expert Academy

Monday 23rd November 2020  09.00 CET

Teambuilding Exercise (Powered by Nasa)– Communication Workshop


This workshop was developed by Nasa and works at different levels. It is an exercise in team building, communication, assertiveness and self-confidence.

Starting point: How does a team deal with problem situations in extreme circumstances when time and resources are limited?

Biography: Jan Buermans graduated as Master in Communication Sciences and started his career at ITT Promedia, where he learned the tricks of the trade as an account manager. Later he became Sales Manager & Training Manager at Belgacom and Sales Director at Versatel. Jan Buermans has many years experience as a trainer and business consultant and is highly valued for its creativeand thoughtful approach. He’s an expert in: communication training, change management, presentation skills, conflict management, motivation and assertiveness.