TranSYS Training School 24th November 11.00

Dr. Christian Pristipino

Consultant in Interventional Cardiology

San Filippo Neri Hospital ASL Roma 1

Tuesday 24th November 2020  11.00 CET

Systems thinking as the framework of systems technicality


Systems science aims to address the properties of interacting complex systems. In life sciences the first approach has been applied mainly addressing intertwined intracellular biochemical pathways. Later, this approach has been proven necessary to gain deeper understanding of pathophysiological processes extending from molecules, to inter-organ, psychological, social and environmental dimensions. This novel ecosystemic framework challenges classic biological and medical epistemology based on reductionism, having the potential to enhance the accuracy of predictions of biology and medicine. New interdisciplinary scientific tools are needed to be harmonised to obtain new individual taxonomies/ontologies: from quantum approaches to big data mining, from fuzzy inductive reasoning to network science. However, whatever the scale of observation and the degree of technology needed, the characteristics of complex systems always need to be taken into consideration in order not to fall in forms of neo-reductionism, or complicated reductionism, which would considerably limit the obtainable progress. Particularly, theoretical incompleteness, unpredictability and impossibility of a thorough description of complex systems are critical common pitfalls for researchers and clinicians. Only keeping in an epistemic framework related to the complex properties, it will be possible to develop systems medicine and the related technicalities to their full potential

Key references:

The systemic turn in human and natural sciences. Urbani-Ulivi L. Ed. Springer 2019.

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Christian Pristipino is an interventional cardiologist in Rome, Italy since 1998 working in a public hospital where he also coordinates research activities. He is seating in the board of the European Society of Systems Medicine (EASYM) since 2018 and he has recently been appointed as Editor-in chief of the Italian Journal of Systems Medicine. He has been the Founding President of the Italian Association for Systems Medicine and Healthcare (ASSIMSS) from 2014 to 2017 and he is the chairman of several official consensus and position papers from European scientific cardiologic societies. He authored or co-authored more than 85 papers in peer-reviewed journals with an H index 23. Christian has also founded in 2013 an hospital center for personalized and systems medicine in Rome, Italy and served as Regional President of the Italian Association of Interventional Cardiology between 2008 and 2009 and in the Nucleus of Computers in Cardiology Working Group of the European Society of Cardiology 2002-2008. He is an invited member of the Italian Association of Systems Epistemology and Methodology (AIEMS).