TranSYS Training School 25th November 15.30

Arne Bormans

Scrum Master / Agile Coach


Wednesday 25th November 2020  15.30 CET

Agile Project Methodology: the Frameworks and the Mindset


Agile is a project methodology focusing on iterative cycles, fostering transparency and opportunities to inspect and adapt. This improves the value delivered while reducing the risk.

While the methodology is mostly used for complex IT projects which are hard to estimate upfront, applying agile frameworks can be beneficial for other industries as well.

We will explore how agile is commonly used for software delivery, but more particularly what its added value could be for precision medicine and the specific TranSYS context.

Think of increasing communication, knowledge sharing, boosting commitment, ownership, collaboration and what that could mean for your projects, workgroups and the whole TranSYS program.


Arne Bormans obtained a bachelor’s degree in applied informatics at the University College Leuven-Limburg, crowned by an accoladed international internship. He started his career in IT consulting at Accenture and quickly evolved from more technical roles towards end-to-end ownership and building relationships.

After having coached an agile pilot project struggling to deliver results in a more conservative context, he made such roles his core business.

Currently, Arne is a scrum master, agile coach and facilitator at Lab900 – a small consulting company based in Mechelen, Belgium. He focuses on optimizing collaboration, flow and happiness at diverse clients ranging from cities to hospitals, chemical companies, e-commerce, automotive and insurance.

As an agile coach and facilitator, Arne loves helping people grow and tackling challenges together.
While always looking to improve, he strives to bring out the best in teams and organizations.