TranSYS Training School 27th November 15.30

Dr Ritchie Head


Ceratium BV

Friday 27th November 2020  15.30 CET

Open Science and  Open Innovation in Horizon Europe


The European Research Area (ERA) is being reinvigorated under the new Horizon Europe research programme which launches next year. The framework of the new Horizon Europe programme will be introduced and opportunities for scientists, clinicians and businesses within the ERA will be presented. A crucial element for maximising the benefits of the ERA is advancing the concept of openness in science, data and innovation.

Using Rare Diseases and Precision Medicine as case studies, the concept of open innovation and the challenges of traditional exploitation, and different business models will be explored. In particular, the concepts of data and results that are “as open as possible, as closed as necessary” to ensure rapid exploitation of data and results will be described. Strategies for projects that seek to balance protecting commercial interests and encouraging investment, with promoting academic excellence will be proposed. Finally, we will discuss how open science and innovation can be incorporated into better valorisation strategies for future research proposals that accelerate the bench to bedside pathway.


Ritchie Head is a director of Ceratium BV. He has worked on European research projects as scientist, manager and coordinator since 1996. He was director of a UK FP6/7 support service and has designed and delivered multiple training courses. He works as a successful professional funding expert, grant writer, project leader and director of science communications. Ceratium is very successful in designing collaborative projects, wining RIA/IA grants and the Company is an active partner in several of these grants.