Erasmus University Medical Center

Erasmus MC encompasses a full spectrum of clinical services, including those provided by two specialist units operating under the Erasmus MC umbrella: Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital and Erasmus MC Cancer Institute. Both have unique reputations of their own in the world of university hospitals.

The CBIS (Clinical Bio-Informatics Services) is part of the Unit Clinical Bioinformatics within the department of Pathology. The Clinical Bioinformatics Unit has a range of experience in the field of data analysis and bioinformatics. In the area of ​​(clinical) research, a broad menu of analysis types can be offered. For example: patient stratification, gene expression and mutation detection. We do this with the help of analysis tools such as OmniViz, Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, Nexus Copy Number, Partek, Tibco Spotfire and so on. Besides doing data analysis, we also provide programming support. For example, we make scripts for converting data, developing a database with web-frontend or developing a data analysis pipeline.


Erasmus University Medical Center team

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