Institut Pasteur

The Institute Pasteur is a private, not-for-profit private foundation focusing on Research, Education and Training, and Public Health activities. It is recognised worldwide as a leader in infectious diseases research and is ranked as a top-level institution for publication impact in the field of microbiology. The Institute Pastuer hosts almost 2,800 individuals including approximately 600 tenured scientists, as well as numerous Ph.D. students and post-doctoral fellows. It also hosts skilled dedicated engineers and technicians, as well as administrative staff. It hosts 130 Laboratories organised in 10 thematic departments. Its organisation encourages fruitful multidisciplinary interactions and collaborations. The Schwikowski lab has numerous collaborations where it applies Systems Biology principles and tools to biomedical questions, in many cases in a clinical context, e.g., for the discovery of prognostic biomarkers in dengue infection from clinical and large-scale transcriptomic data, and biomarkers for autism spectrum disorders.

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