Saturday 1st October 2022  11.00

Martijn Ludwig

Senior Manager

AI in health care Deloitte Consulting the Netherlands

Using data science to solve real life and business issues


Within Deloitte we do a lot of data science projects for our clients with our team of over 200 data scientists.

I will go deeper into how we look at data science from our and our client different perspectives. Describe your role as a Deloitte consultant and of course provide some nice examples in our work both within healthcare and in other markets


Key references:

(Senior) Consultant Artificial Intelligence – Werken bij Deloitte

Predicting thromboembolic complications in COVID-19 ICU patients using machine learning – PMC (

Cancers | Free Full-Text | Loss of Paid Employment up to 4 Years after Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis—A Nationwide Register-Based Study with a Population-Based Reference Group (



Martijn studied (and finished his masters) in econometrics (Erasmus Rotterdam) and psychology (Leiden University) further he has a PhD in health economics (Maastricht). He has a Master in public Management  at TIAS.

Before joining Deloitte, Martijn was a self-employed consultant and before that he worked for 2 smaller research/consultancy firms

Martijn is both passionate about and educated in everything that has to do with data.

Martijn leads the Deloitte specialist center of the AI & data team

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