Saturday 1st October 2022  9.30-10.45



University of Piraeus, Greece


“Personal Branding: Identifying & Communicating Our Value & Growth Potential”


To live effectively in our continuously changing world, to achieve our goals, to make a difference, and to be able to contribute to our society, depends greatly on others and the relationships we create with them. The personal brand concerns the perception that a person creates in the minds of others and is directly related to our ability to create bonds of an emotional nature and to establish relationships. The management of a personal brand does not mean designing and applying an egocentric strategy, but, rather, the search for the distinct characteristics of each person, and the personal value and growth potentials a person has, which can then be placed at everyone’s service.

Key references:

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 Yannis A. Pollalis, is a professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Piraeus, Greece since 1999. He holds a PhD in Business Strategy & MIS from the University of Pittsburgh’s Katz Graduate School of Business, an MBA from the University of Scranton’s Kania Graduate School of Management and a BSc in Economics. During 1993-1999 he was a professor of Strategic Information Resources at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies. For the last 30 years he has served as a Keynote & Motivational Speaker and a consultant in Strategic Management, Marketing & Branding, Leadership, Digital Transformation & Disruption, Growth Mindset, Emotional Intelligence and Train-the-Trainer workshops. He is the founder and director of the M.Sc. Program in Economic & Business Strategy at the University of Piraeus in Greece. He is also the founder and director of the Research & Training Center in Digital Transformation & Strategic Leadership (iLEADS Lab).

He has published 17 books in the areas of management, strategic planning, information management, e-business, marketing, organizational behavior and corporate strategy. His research has been funded by the Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, NATO’s Science & Research Program and the European Network for SMEs Research.

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