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Economic Evaluation in psychiatric pharmacogenomics: A systematic review. Karamperis et al, 2021 Springer Nature (Nature Publishing Group), The Pharmacogenomics Journal

Nowadays, several psychotropic medications have been reported that are associated with in some cases life-threatening adverse effects, high acquisition costs, stringent monitoring requirements, and potential interactions with other medications. Pharmacogenomics, as an emerging field of Personalized medicine, by exploiting individual’s genetic makeup, can potentially be used in psychiatry as a genome-guided treatment in order to maximize drug efficacy and minimize any potential adverse drug events by delivering ‘the right drug, to the right patient’ How close are we?  Day by day, a series of findings indicate that the implementation of psychiatric pharmacogenomics offers a variety of benefits to mental disorders. However, how close are we? Day by day, a series of research findings indicate that the implementation of psychiatric pharmacogenomics can offer a variety of significant benefits to mental disorders (depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia bipolar disorders, etc.) and due to that, is being examined to what extent it can be integrated into public health. In order to achieve this, Health Economics is considered necessary to shed light on decision-making, based on the principle of efficiency. In this systematic review, we attempt to elucidate the ‘costs’ and ‘benefits’ by implementing economic evaluation in psychiatric pharmacogenomics.

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Economic evaluation in psychiatric pharmacogenomics: a systematic review | The Pharmacogenomics Journal (


Author: Kariofyllis Karamperis

ESR14: Standardization of disease and population-specific genotyping panel for preemptive pharmacogenomics: Towards population pharmacogenomics