Wednesday 28th September 2022  09.30-12.00

Christina Mitropoulou

Managing Director

The Golden Helix Foundation, London, UK

Health economic evaluation in Genomic and Personalized Medicine


In recent years, there is a growing need to measure the value of pharmacogenomics testing so that policymakers are well informed to decide about adopting and reimbursing pharmacogenomics testing, prioritizing pharmacogenomics research and development, and encouraging the application of companion diagnostics. Presently, there are limited economic evaluation studies of genome-guided treatment modalities that would allow decision-makers to comparatively assess the value and clinical utility of such interventions.

Key references:

Karamperis K, Koromina M, Papantoniou P, Skokou M, Kanellakis F, Mitropoulos K, Vozikis A, Müller DJ, Patrinos GP, Mitropoulou C. Economic evaluation in psychiatric pharmacogenomics: a systematic review. Pharmacogenomics J. 2021 Aug;21(4):533-541.

Pandi MT, Koromina M, Vonitsanos G, van der Spek PJ, Patrinos GP, Mitropoulou C. Development of an optimized and generic cost-utility model for analyzing genome-guided treatment data. Pharmacol Res. 2022 Apr;178:106187.


Christina Mitropoulou is the Managing Director of the Golden Helix Foundation, a London-based international research organization and Principal Investigator in the field of health economics focusing on health technology assessment of personalized medicine interventions. She is also Adjunct Assistant Professor at the United Arab Emirates University, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Department of Genetics and Genomics in Al-Ain, UAE. Since 2016, Christina is Executive Board member of the Ubiquitous Pharmacogenomics Consortium (, a European Commission-funded project, aiming to demonstrate the feasibility of preemptive pharmacogenomics in clinical settings in Europe. In this project, she leads the tasks of (a) economic evaluation of genome-guided drug treatment modalities and (b) dissemination and outreach.

Also, Christina has been actively involved in educational activities of the Golden Helix Academy, teaching and evaluating courses in (a) Economic Evaluation in Healthcare Systems (Health Technology Assessment, economic evaluation in Genomic Medicine), (b) Health Economics and Decision Making (Pharmaceutical Price Regulation and Reimbursement, Economics for healthcare professionals, Health Economics, insurance) and also in the organization of international conferences.

Christina has more than 40 peer-reviewed publications and book chapters in high impact international scientific journals and international textbooks and she has co-authored and co-edited two textbooks on Economic Evaluation in Genomic Medicine, published by Elsevier/Academic Press (Economic Evaluation in Genomic Medicine, ISBN 978-0128014974 and Economic evaluation of Genomic and Precision Medicine, ISBN 9780128133828). She has successfully participated in European Commission-funded research projects in FP7 (SERBORDIS-Inn) and H2020 (TranSYS) and other research funding bodies.

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