2.1: Taking Precision Health from Lab to Life – building bridges 20th June 2024

Taking precision health from lab to life – building bridges. In precision health, the path from laboratory breakthroughs to practical implementation necessitates a smooth transition, effectively linking theoretical advancements to tangible improvements for individuals and communities alike. Through dynamic presentations and interactive panel dialogues, attendees will explore the essential elements for translating precision health research into effective interventions and tailored healthcare solutions. By cultivating an environment of open exchange and collaboration among diverse stakeholders, we aim to uncover novel objectives and initiatives, driving forward the transformative potential of precision health for all.

Unlocking Success in Life Sciences: Harnessing the Power of Cross-Functional ‘Tiger Teams’

Leen Thielemans 2bridge

A Tiger Team is a small, diverse group of experts assembled to tackle specific challenges or objectives with precision and effectiveness in project management or business. Collaborating closely with stakeholders such as researchers, clinicians, patients, regulatory experts, and market analysts, they bring agility and focus to complex tasks, akin to a tiger stalking its prey. Tiger Teams often address challenges related to specific drugs or products in pharmaceuticals or drug development. One crucial task is Target Product Profiling (TPP), a strategic tool outlining therapeutic goals, patient population, efficacy, safety, and other characteristics crucial for meeting market needs and regulatory requirements. While not standard in academic contexts, integrating the Tiger Team spirit and TPP principles into purely methodological data analysis development can greatly enhance effectiveness and relevance. Through an iterative development process, methodological tools and algorithms evolve continuously based on feedback from stakeholders and end-users. This ensures alignment with evolving needs and expectations, maximizing impact. The integration of a Tiger Team’s TPP spirit with health-related fundamental research, a contradictio in terminis?

Syncing Signals: Integrative Approaches to Precision Health

Elle Wilson TranSYS University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg


Image-Based Phenotypes as Key Biomarkers for Genetic Influences on Patient Subtypes

Zuqi Li TranSYS KU Leuven, Belgium

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From Bytes to Bedside and Back: Enhancing Clinical Decision Support with Explainable AI

Sonja Katz TranSYS Lifeglimmer Germany 

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To be announced

Nahid Taheri Max Planck Institute Germany

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Precision Pharmacogenomics for Europe’s Future Health

Kariofyllis Karamperis TranSYS The GoldenHelix Foundation, United Kingdom

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