TranSYS Online Training School

Sunday 22nd – Friday 27th November 2020

A cornerstone of Precision Medicine (PM) is comprehensive knowledge retrieval about the targeted individuals. Molecular identification and characterisation of patients is a high priority. Existing data in today’s digital universe offers tremendous opportunities to achieve this but extracting insights and information from multiple heterogeneous and interdependent data in PM, requires new systems analytics, moving beyond classical algorithmic or mechanical processes and validation against disease models. Through a high-level multidisciplinary training programme, TranSYS aims to close the skills and knowledge gap that professionals and stakeholders in PM observe on a daily basis.

In particular, TranSYS’ 1st training school focuses on “preclinical science and molecular medicine”, addressing anyone who is interested in advancing approaches for the detection, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of complex diseases; linking experimental work in different disease areas with in silico and multi-scale modeling to maximize health benefits of clinical science discoveries and molecular insights.
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Our first training school, now online due to COVID, is organised by the TranSYS consortium and the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Medicine. This event offers researchers and students broad training opportunities in scientific and transferable skills such as study design & protocol, data generation & technology, mining of published data, communication & dissemination and includes featured workshops including From experiment to clinic and From Sample to Insight. Official language will be English. Registration is required.

Programme at a glance 


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Our Speakers

Monday 23rd November 

Chair: Damjana Rozman

14.00 Henning Hermjakob Reproducibility in Systems Biology Modelling — Sometimes

14.45  Vitor Martin ds Santos Computational Methods and Decision Support in Systems Medicine: case study necrotizing soft tissue infections

15.45  Tadeja Režen, Miha Moškon, Damjana Rozman From experimental to computational models

Chair: Prof Dr Sona Vasudevan

16.30  Nikolaus Schultz Keynote lecture: Toward clinical decision support in oncology: Identifying driver alterations and therapeutic options

Tuesday 24th November

Chair: Tadeja Režen

08.30   Vita Dolžan  Pharmacogenomics in clinical practice

09.15  Nataša Debeljak, Irena Preložnik Zupan Challenges in the Introduction of NGS in Haematology

10.00  Adil Mardinoglu  Addressing the heterogeneity in liver diseases using biological networks

11.00 Christian Pristipino Systems thinking as the framework of systems technicality

11.45  Andrei Zinovyev Artificial Intelligence and Systems Biology

Chair: Benno Schwikowski

13.30 Eran Segal Keynote lecture: Personalized medicine based on gut microbiome and clinical data

15.30 Leif Schauser Workshop: From sampe to insight

Wednesday 25th November

Chair: George Patrinos

09.00   Lude Franke Post-GWAS cohort studies

10.50 Sponsor lecture: Brina Frim, kemomed d.o.o. Select the right CO2 incubator for your laboratory

11.00 Lili Milani Pharmacogenetic studies in biobanks

Chair: Kristel Van Steen

13.30 Cornelia Van Duijn Cohorts for Aging Research

15.30 Arne Bormans Agile Project Methodology: the Frameworks and the Mindset

Thursday 26th November

Chair: Andrew Walakira

09.00   Markus Butz-Ostendorf Mining and digesting tons of information

11.00   Paco Real Experimental designs

Chair: Kristel Van Steen

15.30   David Ge Emerging concepts in liquid biopsies

Friday 27th November

Chair: Lude Franke

09.00  Peter Claes Imaging in the Era of Big Data

11.00   Alexander Skupin iPSC and single cell RNAseq

Chair: Kristel Van Steen

15.30   Ritchie Head Open Science and Open Innovation in Horizon Europe

16.15   Brad Greenwood Gender biases and their impact in the context of health sciences


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